Do I Need To Use A Pick? Best 4 Picks

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guitar pickDo I need to use a pick?

That is a really common question, and there is no right or wrong answer. Using a pick or not using a pick is simply personal preference. If your fingers are soft and sensitive you might prefer to use a pick, and if your fingers have great guitar callouses, then you may prefer to feel the stings. It is really up to you.

Even some widely known celebrity guitarists don’t use picks. The great John Mayer started with a pick and gradually decided that he preferred his fingers. The Edge from U2 does use a pick, as does Slash. As you can see, there is no right or wrong. You simply have to decide what works best for you.

What are the best picks?

Fender 351 Standard Guitar Picks

These are often called the Fender Picks. When you hear Guitar Pick, these are probably what you think of. These picks are very traditional. and are a great choice if you are new to guitar, or new to using a pick.

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dunlop pickDunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks

These picks are a combination of the Classic Max Jazz III shape, with Max Grip cutting-edge technology. The strong grip covers the entire gripping surface, making this pick extremely easy to hold on to, therefore avoiding dropping your pick all the time.

Just in case you lose your precious pick, this comes in a 24-pack, so you will always have a spare wherever you go!

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Clayton Garage Band 10-Plus Pick Pack

This is a great option if you don’t know what kind of pick you like or need! This is a really cheap package of 10 picks of all different shapes, sizes, and gauges, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect pick for you and your guitar! These picks are made out of strong, durable materials so that once you find your perfect pick, it is sure to last you a long time!

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zerogravity orbit pickZeroGravity Orbit Guitar Pick

This is definitely a unique option! The soft rubber tether is molded over and through the unique pick head to create an interesting and unique grip for a undropable guitar pick.

The Orbit is designed to keep the pick exactly where you want it, so that you can focus on your creativity, instead of worrying about holding onto your pick!

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Pedals and Effects

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What are pedals and effects for?

Pedals and effects are electronic devices that modify the sound or tone of an electric device, in this case, a guitar, to make it sound better. They also broaden the range, possibilities and choice that the guitarist has.

How to choose pedals and effects?

pedals and effectsFor one to find good pedals and effects it is important to consider their style of playing and the results that they would like to get by using a specific pedal and effect.

There are so many different kinds and types of pedals and effects for example an overdrive pedal which uses soft clipping that compresses a signal when the gain is added, the higher the clipping, the higher the harmonics. A distortion pedal isn’t as smooth and is mostly used to control the volume of the guitar before reaching the amplifier.

There are two types of pedals and effects, analog and digital. The analog distortion effects and pedals produce a pure and natural sound and would be ideal if one wants to imitate the sounds of classic rock stars.

It is also clear, stable and strong to give out a transparent tone and led indicator that shows its working state. They are easy to use with clear and smooth sound. Analog pedals and effects can and may be used with other different kinds of pedals and effects to better improve the kind of sound produced.

It is also important to note the price of the pedals and effects. They come in different prices but which do not necessarily affect the performance of the pedals and effects. Analog devices are generally cheaper than digital ones since they have limited options and thus have several setbacks, for example some may come without a battery compartment thus you may be required to plug it in so that you can use it.

Digital effects and pedals offer a wider range of sounds and tones. They provide up to 100 effects or more depending with the particular device. One is allowed to select and edit any of the provided effects with the added advantage that you can use multiple effects simultaneously. It has built in expression pedal for overdrive and volume control.

They have battery compartment with battery life of up to 20 hours. On the other hand there are a few negatives which of course come with most devices, in this case, there may not be lasers to prevent people from walking over your pedal during rehearsal and they may also be a little pricey. (Pedal Lasers. That’s a good Idea)

Generally all types of pedals and effects have their pros and cons thus it is advisable to look at each keenly and find one or a couple that are the right fit for you.

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Best Strings For Your Electric Bass Guitar

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bass stringsThe type of strings you use on your bass plays an enormous role in how it both sounds and feel. Every bass string is a wire with additional wrapping around it.

The technique used to wind that wrapping as well as the actual material that has been used creates the essence of any string. While it can seem like there are a million unique strings out there, the vast majority are a few popular materials and winding techniques with different names assigned to those combinations.

Wound bass strings often come in two types which include, flat wound bass string and round wound bass string. However, practically, all bass guitars built today usually come out with round wound strings.

This is because the bright and defined sound of a round wound string defines the electric bass and is also inexpensive to produce. Below are some examples of the round wound strings that have the best tone and a longer life span.

D’Addario XL proSteels

D’Addario produces some of the world’s best bass strings but with a very moderate price range. The ProSteels consist of a wrap that has been used on its outer surface and is made of a stainless steel that is resistant to corrosions. It produces an exceptionally bright sound that that lasts longer even with very hard playing.

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DR Hi-Beams Strings

DR stringsThese types of strings have a legacy that dates back to the introduction of the guild guitars. The strings were founded by a person known as Mark Dronge whose father is the one who founded Guild guitars.

These strings have a round tone that gives them a tone that is more complex and has a greater flexibility and usually the round wounds have a smooth feel.

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Rotosound Roto Yellows Double Deckers

These strings are the original round wound bass strings. Even though there has been a very stiff competition for the round strings in the market, Rotosound are still among the best and the most popular bass strings in the world.

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GHS Pressure wound electric bass string

This type of bass strings promotes pressure wounds as the fourth kind of bass strings. They have got an oval wire
outer wrap that gives them a mellower tone. This also gives them a smoother feel and a reduction in fret wear that
is very noticeable.

If you would like to purchase one of the strings, it is advisable that you try the strings out for yourself and you will experience what they feel and sound like first hand.

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Best Cases for Your Guitar

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guitar caseWhether for protection or ease of handling, guitar cases are as much as important as having a guitar. Having your guitars placed on their cases, you are guaranteed that they are free from any accidental destruction and dirt especially for those who own collectible guitars which are not played often.

Hanging guitars and placing them on the stands don’t normally give you much security especially if you have kids running around at home. By casing your guitars, you also keep them from dust and UV rays that make them lasts longer.

With regards to the best brands for guitar cases, we have the following suggestions which have proven results.

Yamaha APX Vinyl Hardshell Guitar Case

The case fits APX & NTX acoustic guitars perfectly, which makes it a perfect case for students. It is well made with the finest quality of materials and is very worthy for the price compared to other brands. Sides are quite thicker and strong with a good solid feel. The inside is plush but definitely soft. The lid fits well and the latches are heavy duty and fits perfectly.

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musicians gear bagMusician’s Gear Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

The strap is sturdy and the padding and the case has soft padding that is thick enough to protect guitars.

Convenient gig bag with durable zip and has a side pocket that is enough to store guitar accessories.

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Fender Traditional Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

It has sufficient padding that absorbs shocks. Fits perfectly and offers decent protection and pretty made with good and high quality materials.

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epiphone caseThe Epiphone SG Hardshell Case

This case is a little cheaper than other brands but it offers maximum protection for guitars and has form-fitting interior with padded plush lining, heavy-duty handle, and accessory compartment, as well as super-tough hinges and drawbar latches.

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Gator GBE-DREAD Acoustic Guitar Bag

Good quality case that has nice padding and zips are really smooth. Has a nice seam work and has no flaws to ensure that guitar is strictly protected.

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SKB Acoustic Guitar Soft Case

This case fits most dreadnought acoustic guitars and it offers the superior protection that the rigid foam inserts found in SKB’s hardshell guitar case line offer, but with the style and portability of a soft gig bag or backpack.

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Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

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acoustic stringsBasically, there are no specified rules to follow before making a decision as to whether you need to change your guitar strings, it is just a matter of personal preference and need. In fact, most guitarists change their strings only when it breaks.

Depending on your playing experience, you will certainly know when you need to get a new set of strings. However, if you feel you need to have guidelines to refer to when changing strings, here are some of the basic signs to observe.

• Inability to properly tune string/s
• Rusty or discoloured strings
• When sound isn’t bright as it used to be

Unless your guitar strings are not bothering you, it is plain and simple, once your strings are decayed or playing dull, it is time to change the set of strings.

How do you choose the right strings for your guitar? What are the best brands for guitar strings?

D’Addario EJ16-3D-Phosphor Bronze -Acoustic Guitar Strings

The best string that has the lowest price, it does sound nice and bright and is durable enough, strings come in different lengths and gauges. Their bass strings are very comfortable to play. This string has been said that you get more than what you pay for because of its longevity and great performance.

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elixir stringsElixir Strings Nickel Plated Steel 5-Strings Bass Light, Long Scale with NANOWEB Coating

The strings feel smooth and sound great in all ranges and have high range and crisp. This product has the ability to outlast many competitors due to its longer tone life and the support of its Nanoweb coating makes it easier and more comfortable to play with. Even though this product is more expensive than the other brands,it is the perfect catch when you are looking for high quality strings that are durable as well.

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Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze-Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

This string has incredible warm tone but they have heavier gauge, making it unideal for beginners. However,that is so to make a fuller sound. The string set is very balanced and easy on the ears. Compared to other brands, Martin strings provide a deeper and louder tone at a cheaper price which is the best thing.

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Ernie Ball-2146 Regular Slinky-Acoustic Phosphor-Bronze String Set

This product is a cheaper option that plays well, with excellent sustain and keeps in-tune on a good set up. Strings are vibrant and retain good tone for a very long time. Ernie Ball has a great range of products and at a good price worth.

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Best Guitar Amplifiers For Your Hearing

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ampWe’re here to talk about guitar amplifiers, they’re an amazing tools that are there to pick the strings touched on your guitar and make them come to life on a speaker that produces the music itself. It’s a great tool for all guitarists around the world and you’ll always have to buy one sooner or later if you’re a guitarist.

And you all people are asking the famous question which is:

What are the top 3 acoustic guitar amps?

We’re going to pick the greatest three guitar amplifiers today to talk about, and we’re going to be meeting the following amplifiers in our review:

Rogue G-10 Guitar Amp

downloadPeople prefer this amp because it’s not expensive and provides a great quality for you.

The good sound that is provided from this amplifier along with its small size that helps young and future artists to pull their strings together without having to carry a large box of speakers around if they want to train somewhere else.

It’s great for house use and its sound is very good that you can hear it throughout the whole room.

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Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

download (1)This piece of work is also a great one, it’s a common liking between the guitarists because it offers a great sound quality from a very small box of a speaker. It’s so easy to use and doesn’t have any kind of problems from the point of the volume. It’s sound stays clear as long as your guitar is not dialed to 10 and you’re hitting the strings correctly.

It’s also preferred for its small weight and great quality that comes along with the built-in overdrive function that delivers a great sound quality.

Also being closed from its back, it provides you a great and heavier bass to hear, which makes it a great choice for you if you’re willing to start training yourself indoors.

It comes at a relatively cheap price.

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Marshall MG30CFX MG Series 30-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

Marshall ampSimply, this is the beast. Marshall’s are one of the famous manufacturers in the history of guitar accessories, this device is pretty expensive in your eyes but it’s very important to your ears.

It has a great sound system in it with a very good sound quality and effects, having various modes in it and you can set-up your own mode on it. It’s a great choice if you’re starting a band and want to go out in public with your performance.

Great material, voice and quality. Covers a lot of space for people to hear also.

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The Ultimate Guide To Guitar Straps

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guitar strapDoes a strap make it easier to play guitar? Every experienced guitar player would say that it definitely does. A strap for your guitar is absolutely necessary if you like to play while standing up.

And it can be pretty useful when you are sitting down too: you won’t have to bend your back, or try to balance the guitar on your leg. The weight of your guitar will be evenly distributed on your shoulder making it almost feather-like. And you can stand up any time and you won’t have to stop playing.

Here is a guide to top 5 guitar straps:

Franklin Guitar Strap with Leather Endsdownload (2)

This strap is a perfect combination of quality and good price. It is made of high quality cotton with leather on the ends. The material is stain and dirt resistant and it is very strong, so you don’t have to worry about your guitar falling. If you want to get a quality strap without spending too much money – this is a great choice.

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Planet Waves Polypropylene Guitar Strap.

This is another great deal for a reliable guitar strap. It is made of polypropylene, and it can be adjusted in a wide range of lengths: from 35″ to 59.5″. This strap will be best for lighter acoustic guitars since it doesn’t have any padding for your shoulder.

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Levy’s Leathers M4GF-DBR 3-inch Garment Leather.

This bass guitar strap will cost you more than the first two on the list, but you will experience the luxury comfort that only leather can give. It is wide enough to evenly distribute the weight of the instrument and make it seem much lighter than it is, and the suede backing will keep your guitar from sliding off. And it is also available in extra large size for those who enjoy playing their bass knee-high.

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Ernie Ball Polypro Strap.

A polypropylene guitar strap that will be perfect for any guitar player: you can adjust the size from 36″ to 68″. Whether you play standing up or sitting down – it will always fit. A great strap for everyday use! It also comes in a wide selection of colors!

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download (3)Perri’s Polyester double sided design

Rock the stage with the awesome design of this guitar strap! Its fun designs will go great with any guitar, and you can be certain that its quality is much higher than its price. Enjoy this soft and durable guitar strap for a reasonable price.

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Why Do I Need A Capo?

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5426625345_671d0e3dec_zYou and your guitar have a great relationship, but you think it’s time to try a little experimenting. Sure, it’s great to change out a set of strings or play around with new amps, but sometimes you just want something simple that makes an enormous difference. You need one accessory – the capo.

A capo is a small clamp that attaches to your guitar’s neck and acts as a nut, (that opaque strip at the top of the neck) and shortens the range of notes you can play on a guitar.

If you’re a fan of open tuning a capo will help you play around with pitch by raising octaves without a lot of extra work on your behalf. This small metal piece is a great way to try out new sounds and have a great time playing songs that might otherwise stress you out with its extra high notes.

Here are some of the highest rated capos for you to peruse.

Trigger Curved Guitar Capo

This is capo is quite popular for several reasons. It is made to be easy to use, without the hassle of loosening or tightening. It is compatible with both 6, and 12 string guitars. And lastly, it comes in multiple color options. These reasons make it a winner in my book!

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Kyser Quick-Change Capo 6-String

The lack of fret buzz and ease of use keeps this capo at the top of shoppers’ lists. This capo is made for quick and easy repositioning. Done using it? Park it on the headstock with just one hand.

See it HERE.

Guitar Capo

The biggest selling point for this brand is the price. At just $3.99, this is one of the cheapest capos you can find.

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Shubb Deluxe S Series

This uniquely crafted capo is for those of you who love your acoustic guitar and just happen to be big fans of futuristic design. The wavy, fluid shape sets this capo apart as well as a unique spring that has a little cushion on the end. Musicians love the great reputation of the capo, (Shubb has been around for over 30 years) as well as the set-and-forget-it pressure level. You’ll love playing with it as much as you love looking at it.

Click Here to see the Shubb Capo!

Keep practicing and be good to your guitar, capo fans. I know I will.

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